Sunday, March 6, 2011

Luck of the Irish!

Just a few St. Patrick's Day designs

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  1. Hi! I just read a thread with links to my blog on
    First,I want to compliment your Irish cookies. Very cute, and I love the horseshoe with the clover.
    I know you read my post about "questions". I just want to say that my blog is to promote my business and I frequently answer, and don't mind regular readers and commenters questions. It's the people that come from nowhere asking for recipes and a million other silly questions that could easily be answered via google.
    Regarding copying vs inspiration, I certainly don't mind if people are inspired by my work.In fact I think it's great (especially if they post with links). It's the exact, line for line, color for color copying that is unethical IMO.
    I still don't watermark my pics and I try very hard to continually change and tweak my designs to stay ahead of the pack (if I even am ahead) and to attempt originality.
    Every cookie design, even an apple, can be done with the individual decorators style.
    I like your cookies, I'm guessing you use glaze like Pam. I admire that, don't think I could work as well with glaze.
    Keep up the original designs and best of luck to you!!